From 1st to the 11th generation – tracking down the history of Riedel in Bohemia

As part of the most in-depth professional investigation of the history of Riedel in Bohemia, Maximilian Riedel, (11th generation) collaborated closely with the Dr. Petr Novy.

As Head Curator of the Czech state Museum of Glass and Jewelry in Jablonec nad Nisou, in the Jizera Mountains, Dr Novy is known as a connoisseur and expert historian of the Bohemian and Czech glass industry. He is currently undertaking detailed research into the Riedel glass era in North Bohemia from the 17th century to post Second World War on behalf of the Riedel Company.

‘Glass king of the Jizera Mountains’

 The Jizera Mountains have been closely linked with glass production since the 16th century, and the foundations of the Riedel glass-making dynasty were laid, in this area, during the 18th century. Generation after generation worked to build a flourishing glass industry here, often having to endure very difficult conditions. During this period, the name Riedel was predominantly associated with the large-scale production of glass to be used in jewellery, however, the product range of the day also included high quality glass used, for example, in outdoor lighting, lamps and pressed and hollow glassware. So famous became the company that Josef Riedel Snr. (6th generation) was known as the ‘glass king of the Jizera Mountains’

In unraveling the mysteries of the day, Dr Novy has discovered that Riedel was always known for its high quality products and not only when it comes to drinking glasses. Ever innovative, Riedel also became one of the leading producers of glass for the newly introduced electrical lamps at a very early stage. As part of his work, Dr. Novy came across patents for special glass machines, equipment and ‘recipes’ for new glass materials.

The Czech Republic’s new State Glass and Jewelry Museum
The museum in Jablonec nad Nisou features around 600 exhibits from the Riedel dynasty, including objects and luxury table glasses. One of the most notable being a personal glass goblet by Josef Riedel Snr, so attesting to the company’s centuries of glass-making expertise.

Founded in 1904, Jablonec nad Nisou is the only state museum in the Czech Republic to specialize in glass and jewelry. Its broad collection of glass, jewelry, coins, medals and badges is presented in the impressive main building, whilst the library specializes in the history the glass and jewelry industry, right through to the present day. At the museum of glass-making in Kristiánov in the Jizera Mountains (Christiansthal), the history of Riedel’s oldest glassworks (founded 1775) is impressively presented.

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