February 5, 2016 | Published by  Riedel Glas Austria

Riedel Crystal Expands Serpentine Decanter Collection with new Mamba double Magnum

Limited Edition Introduction of new mouth blown snake Decanter


(Edison, NJ – 2016) – Riedel, the 300 year-old family credited with revolutionizing glassware for the enjoyment of wine, announces the newest addition to its collection of mouth-blown snake-inspired decanters, the Mamba Double Magnum. Sharing the same serpentine shape as the 2011 Mamba design, the Mamba Double Magnum is mouth blown much larger to achieve the double decanting of 3liter bottles at one time, rather than intervals as is required by a standard sized decanter. As the wine flows through every bend, aeration is sped up, achieving what would take hours of decanting in a typical bowl-shaped carafe. The newest couture-level decanter to join Riedel’s double magnum collection, the Mamba Double Magnum will retail for $1,990.

Maximilian J Riedel, 11th generation President and CEO, created the Mamba Double Magnum in homage to Josef Riedel the Elder, 6th generation of the family company. Its outsize stature pays tribute to the surge in stature in the Bohemian glassmaking industry that Riedel Crystal enjoyed under his leadership in the 1860s and 1870s.

The Mamba Double Magnum is available in two distinct versions, clear with a sleek black stripe, and clear with bright green and yellow, each limited to 260 pieces annually. Both versions are formed freely without the help of any molds, and prove extremely difficult to create. Due to its large size, the Mamba Double Magnum requires the efforts of three master glassblowers to mouth blow its fierce silhouette, with every decanter’s shape differing slightly, making each a truly unique and functional work of art. In line with Riedel’s form follows function, philosophy, the intricate shape accelerates the aeration of wine by the creation of a vacuum within the coiled vessel.

"The capacity of the Mamba Double Magnum decanter is every bit as exceptional as the black and green colors," explains Maximilian. "With this decanter, I set out to create a piece for every wine lover who enjoys sharing double magnums with family and friends."

The Mamba Double Magnum joins the Eve (2009), Mamba (2011), Cobra Verde (2012), BOA (2013), Titano BOA (2014) and Evechen (2015) in Riedel’s collection of serpentine decanters, each designed my Maximilian Riedel.

For more information on the Mamba Double Magnum and for a complete selection of all Riedel glassware and decanters, visit www.riedelusa.net.