Coffee and Cocktails

Two of Our Favourite Things

Making its debut in 2016, the Perfect Serve Collection has become a highly desired barware option for homes and bars alike.  High quality and super sexy, it was designed by international mixologist Stephan Hinz, who spent nearly five years creating the ideal range to meet needs garnered from decades of experience in the industry.  Here, Stephan talks about what’s happening in the cocktail world.

The global bar scene is growing up.

It’s not one big trend anymore, but many micro trends happening at the same time. The keyword is diversification, which means we can see a growing number of very specialised concepts, focussing on a defined spirit, style or era. The same process happened in the restaurant industry many years before.


General awareness for the basics of our industry is increasing.

Some years ago, everyone talked about rare spirits and unusual bitters, but now people start to understand that it’s also about the details: good ice, fitting garnishes and great glasses. Often, I explain it like this: An average glass can ruin a perfect drink, but a perfect glass can improve an average drink.


There are many connections between the contemporary cocktail bars and the third-wave coffee scene.

Think of their in-depth knowledge of ingredients, and love of experimenting with new techniques. One key idea behind the Perfect Serve Collection is to offer great glasses for different serves in a consistent design. As the coffee scene is still growing, bars that already use our glasses asked for fitting coffee glasses. The newest glasses in the series, the Perfect Serve Espresso and Perfect Serve Latte, were our next logical step!


Better still, they’re stackable.

Many outlets, like clubs and coffee bars, have to serve many drinks in a short time and need different forms of space management. Even at home, we don’t always have excess room for glassware. Our stackable glasses allow you to use the space you have in the best possible way. The best thing is that they are much more elegant than the usual stackable models!

It’s great to travel the world and find your own glassware in some of the best bars and restaurants.

And while the industry develops globally, customer demand increases as well. There are many guests who want to recreate their bar experiences at home by buying high quality equipment and good ingredients, so it’s great that our Collection is not only available for professionals, but for discerning consumers as well.


Don’t limit yourself with what you can create at home with the right products.

Cocktail drinkers are sophisticated enough by now to upgrade at-home cocktails with infused spirits. Just take an easy classic and pimp it with fresh ingredients. A great example is the below recipe for Negroni twist. Enjoy!


Lemongrass Negroni

20 ml Gin infused with lemongrass and lemon peel

20 ml Aperol

20 ml Dry vermouth

Soda Water

Infuse a bottle of your favoured gin with chopped lemongrass and some lemon zests. Filter it after a few days. Mix all ingredients in a Perfect Single Old Fashioned Glass with some ice cubes, and garnish the drink with lemon.