Finding the right RIEDEL glass

A romantic garden table with Vinum glasses

RIEDEL offers both "varietal specific" glasses for wine en­thusiasts and "wine friendly" glasses for more casual wine drinkers.

  • Use stemmed glassware for fine dining and stemless for casual dining.
  • Plan to invest ($) in ONE  glass as much as you spend on average on a bottle of wine.
  • When you choose a grape varietal specific RIEDEL glass, understand that it is built for a purpose and performs at its best with a specific type of wine.
  • A grape varietal specific RIEDEL glass is a wine tool "the key to wine" and is designed to unlock the most elusive characteristics of a wine.
  • Visit our Wine Glass Guide to identify the right glass for your wine.

Is there one glass for all my wines?

The two most versatile shapes for red and white wines are the Ouverture Magnum and the Riesling Grand Cru/Chianti Classico (available in all varietal specific RIEDEL lines), but please remember: shape does matter for maximum intensity and total enjoyment of wine.