AYAM Rainbow limited edition 1/75 signed by Sir Elton John

Riedel extends cooperation with the Elton John AIDS Foundation

The cooperation began in 2017 with a specially created decanter and will continue with the “AYAM Rainbow” in 2018. In many cultures, the colours of the rainbow represent tolerance, acceptance, diversity, hope and aspiration. These values are more important today than ever before. Therefore, Riedel is again using this stylistic element and has added a silvery line.

“Sir Elton John established his foundation 25 years ago. Since the number 25 is associated with silver jubilees, we wanted to pay tribute to this by adding the colour silver to this strictly limited series of decanters,” Maximilian J. Riedel, 11th generation and managing director of the family-owned company, explains.

Riedel is particularly proud that each decanter will bear the original signature of Sir Elton John, which will make each of the 75 decanters an exclusive, sought-after masterpiece.

“Usually, our limited editions comprise 50 units. In this case, we have added 25 decanters, to express our respect for 25 years of Sir Elton John's immensely important work.” Maximilian J. Riedel
Riedel donates EUR 25,000.00 from the proceeds to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The design of the Ayam decanter, created by Maximilian Riedel, was presented in 2016. It is a practical and functional item with an extraordinary design. Ayam is a decanter with double decanting function. This means that the wine is aerated when it is poured both in and out. This shortens the decanting time considerably. The deep gargling sound when pouring wine in or out is a sign of ample addition of oxygen as the wine is swirled through.

The Ayam Rainbow special edition has a larger volume than standard-size decanters. In addition, it is optically blown, which brings about a slightly shimmering effect with changing incidence of light. The production of the decanter is highly complex and intricate. Only the glassblowers at Riedel Glashütte Kufstein have the skills needed to produce it. The signature of the glassblower responsible for a specific piece can be found on the certificate, which also shows the serial number. Each piece of the edition is unique and a work of art, made of crystal glass.