Introducing the Sakura Decanter

A New Instrument for Wine Enjoyment in 2021

Celebrate the hope of a new year with the RIEDEL Sakura Decanter and its sweetly symbolic message of optimism!

RIEDEL Sakura Decanter


  • Handmade in Kufstein, Austria
  • Produced in high-quality crystal glass
  • Designed for a single bottle of wine
  • 365 mm / 14.37 in tall

Designed during a turbulent 2020, Sakura has a floral motif pressed into its central plate: an abstract representation of Japan's national flower, the cherry blossom (Jap. 桜 sakura). The cherry blossom symbolises renewal and the transient nature of life and is admired around the world for its beauty. Its optimistic message is further represented by the white and pink stripe of colour in the piece.

Maximilian Riedel designed this decanter reminiscing on his many trips to Japan, which is one of RIEDEL’s primary markets worldwide. "The cherry blossom season in Japan is one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles I’ve ever seen," he says. "This decanter is a homage to its unparalleled beauty and also to Japanese culture, which is closely entwined with the sakura philosophy."

The slightly abstract representation of the sakura blossom forms the heart of this decanter, to reminds us to live in the present and savour the wonderful moments in life. This plate can also be used as a convenient handle when pouring. 

RIEDEL Sakura Dekanter