Whisky or Whiskey

and everything else you need to know ...

The word "whisky" has its origin in Gaelic and means "water of life". But to this day it has not been possible to agree on a uniform spelling. Whiskey with an "e" is mostly used in Ireland and the USA.

The origin of the liquid gold

It is not completely clear to this day who invented whisky, but we know for sure that it comes either from Ireland or Scotland. One thing is certain, the first written record was in Scotland in 1494. These days whisky is produced all over the world and is an important component in every bar.



RIEDEL O Wine Tumbler Single Malt Whisky glass

What is “Single Malt Whisky”?

The term "Single Malt Whisky" is used to describe whiskies that are produced exclusively from malted barley originating from a single distillery and which have undergone a long ageing and maturing process. A noble product like this deserves a glass that brings out its aromas. RIEDEL Single Malt Whisky glasses have a slightly convex rim, which ensures that the whisky is optimally placed on the tongue so that the taste buds can savour every single subtlety.

Whisky on the rocks or better neat?

Depending on your taste and the whisky, you might prefer to add some water or ice to your drink. The rule of thumb is to serve a young whisky with ice rather than a mature one. Ageing in barrels creates a special taste, which may be altered by adding water. Nevertheless, the decision is down to you.



RIEDEL Bar Drink Specific Glassware Collection

RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware: Neat & Rocks glasses

The Rocks glass has been specially designed for standard ice cubes as well as larger ones, which are becoming increasingly popular. The Neat glass, on the other hand, is proportionally smaller than the Rocks glass and designed to fit comfortably in the hand and appear full, with the optimum amount of spirits.

The end of the glass decoration, which forms an exact filling line of 60 ml, is a very special highlight.

RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Neat
RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Rocks
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Shadows
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Fire Whisky
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Optical O Whisky
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Spey Whisky
RIEDEL Vinum Single Malt Whisky
2er Set
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Fire Whisky Set - 2 Whisky Becher + Dekanter
RIEDEL O Wine Tumbler Whisky
RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Shadows Whisky Set - 2 Whisky Becher + Dekanter