Fatto A Mano


Meaning handmade in Italian, Fatto a Mano is RIEDEL's stunningly vibrant collection, which turns a sip of wine into a colourful celebration.

Introduced in 2017, this stemware collection bears the typical attributes of a Riedel product - varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems. It has been handcrafted in Tiroler Glashütte, Riedel's headquarters in Austria.

The series includes six shapes: Cabernet, Old World Pinot Noir, Old World Shiraz, Oaked Chardonnay, Riesling, and Champagne Wine Glass. Each shape is available with a coloured stem in white, black, yellow, red, green, blue, or pink (Champagne only). The Fatto a Mano shapes can be purchased individually in a gift box, or in a box of six with mixed colours.

The Fatto a Mano collection also includes four stunning decanters to compliment the colourful and elegant glass series.

In the Fatto a Mano Edition, four classic RIEDEL decanters have been reiterated with optical blown glass and a black-white-black ornamental line that enhances their dynamic designs. The art of optically blown glass originated in Venice, the cradle of the most superior glassblowing techniques, with few glass blowers still proficient in this method.

The series is handmade in lead-free crystal glass. All RIEDEL glassware is dishwasher safe.

What‘s NEW about Fatto a Mano?

Fatto a Mano combines the sophistication of handmade glass, in the style of the ancient Venetian tradition, with the most modern manufacturing technology. Unlike most of Riedel's other collections, Fatto a Mano features a stem and base blown by hand with a stem blown by machine, to bring together the best of both worlds.

The execution of this new process was made possible by significant quality improvements in the Riedel glass factory in Weiden, Bavaria, where the Riedel technical team tried, tested and experimented until they had perfectly mastered the Venetian puzzle.

Riedel‘s talented Tyrolean glassmakers discovered how to build the multi-coloured stems by hand and how to fuse, in the hot stage, the bowl to the coloured stem. With its hand-made stem and base, Fatto a Mano combines the crafts of the past with today's technologically-advanced, machine-blown techniques.

Inspired by ancient Venetian glassmaking tradition, the finished product charms the eye with its handcrafted feel, colourful aesthetics and varietal specific bowls.