Fatto a Mano Performance


New in 2019, Fatto a Mano Performance combines two successful series, marrying refined craftsmanship with the precision of machine production.

With a handmade stem and base and a machine-made optic bowl, Fatto a Mano Performance is another evolution in modern glassware by industry leader RIEDEL. The series features four glasses, each presented in one of two black/clear colour variants.

This new range combines a series of firsts for the RIEDEL brand. Fatto a Mano was the first grape varietal specific glass collection with coloured, handcrafted stems - a milestone in the company’s history. Performance was the first machine-made glass collection featuring the “optic impact”, a dynamic design element that elevates aromatics and has wowed the international wine world with its heightened functionality.

The principle of combining fine art and craft has long been advocated by Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus movement, and function-led design has dominated RIEDEL designs for many years. Fatto a Mano Performance is yet another example of this, and the series was created by Maximilian J. Riedel as homage to the 100th anniversary of the movement.

The series is handmade in lead-free crystal glass, and sold in a single piece. All RIEDEL glassware is dishwasher safe.

Fatto a Mano Performance Day


Black crystal stem and clear crystal base

Fatto a Mano Performance Night


Clear crystal stem and black crystal base