spiegelau glassware



With nearly 500 years of expert knowledge in glass production, Spiegelau has designed the Perfect Serve Collection by Stephan Hinz to satisfy the cocktail lover. This ultimate set of bar glasses, which not only feel and look good but are also perfectly functional, have been expertly sized to accommodate every cocktail, whether classic, inventive, or whimsical.

Upholding its reputation for high quality, Spiegelau offers a series that ticks all the boxes. The Perfect Serve Collection are perfectly balanced in size and weight, are extremely resistant to scratches and breakage, and are dishwasher safe. The glasses provide unique light refraction and brilliance thanks to their specially cut decoration and highlight drinks with their simplistic yet elegant design. What’s more, each tumbler’s distinctive lines indicate a measured pour; an unobtrusive way to ensure your cocktail is never under or overdone.

In Stephan’s words, “It doesn’t matter how versatile gastronomy is, the requirements of a really good glass stay the same. We therefore united functionality with timeless elegance. And these are qualities fitting every bar, regardless of concepts or temporary trends.”

Experience a glass that stimulates all your senses: from their comforting weight, tactile design, and brilliant optics, to the sound of cheers and the pleasure of drinking from their fine rims. Spiegelau has created the perfect series for those who want to raise the bar in their lives, and bring a little bit of bar culture into their homes.

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