In 2014, Georg Riedel challenged the Chief Engineer of his Weiden factory, Franz Schmid, and his world-class technicians to execute the world’s finest and lightest machine-blown glasses. The technicians accomplished their task with excellence, using the very latest manufacturing techniques to create a wine glass collection for the 21st century.

The spectacular result is RIEDEL Veritas: taller, lighter and finer than RIEDEL's classic series Vinum, dishwasher safe, break resistant, and suitable for frequent use. Manufactured in crystal glass, the RIEDEL Veritas series draws on 60 years of wine experience and expertise.

The collection also includes two glasses for both Syrah and for Pinot Noir, for either Old World or New World styles, and their revolutionary Champagne Wine Glass, created by Maximilian J. Riedel.

All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.

Riedel Veritas combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine made glass can achieve.
Georg Riedel
10th generation glassmaker, about his latest creation

The Truth of Wine Revealed

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