SKU 4328000

SPIEGELAU Hybrid Burgundy

This set contains 12 pieces Hybrid Burgundy. The modern machine-made Burgundy glass of the elegant glass collection Hybrid offers enjoyment at its very best. This glass is designed to offer maximum enjoyment of Burgundy style wines. The designs for the new Hybrid range were developed in conjunction with Johann Willsberger and draw inspiration from both the hand-made Willsberger Collection and the Spiegelau Authentis range, which has enjoyed worldwide success. Crystal clear, with a consistent design, using shapes which redefine our way of thinking, Hybrid embraces the vital function of the wine glass as mediator between wine and its consumption. Good stemware is never a mere triviality - only an appropriately shaped glass ensures maximum enjoyment for the drinker, allowing the wine to develop perfectly without its essence being lost. Since Willsberger Collection could previously only be made by hand, production processes were modified so that the elegant glasses could be perfectly and cost efficiently manufactured using machinery. This has enabled Spiegelau to make this type of design available to a wider public for the first time. All SPIEGELAU glasses are dishwasher safe.