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RIEDEL Sommeliers Tasting Set R.Q.

This set contains 3 pieces of Sommeliers: Bordeaux Grand Cru, Burgundy Grand Cru and Montrachet. The unadorned handmade wine glass tasting set of the beautiful glass collection Sommeliers should be part of the basic equipment of every sophisticated wine lover. The large bowl of the Bordeaux Grand Cru glass brings out the full depth of contemporary wines made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. The larger bowl of the Burgundy Grand Cru allows the bouquet to develop to the full, while slightly flared top lip maximizes the fruit flavors by directing a precise flow onto the front palate. The size of the bowl of the Montrachet glass allows space for the rich bouquet to develop its superbly diverse range of aromas, while minimizing the risk of becoming over concentrated. The Sommeliers series is the world's first grape varietal specific wine glass and turns every sip into a celebration. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe. RQ = this item is supplied as 'Restaurant Quality' meaning that it may contain small imperfections when compared to the same item in 'best quality' and, as such, is offered at a special purchase price exclusively for use in restaurants.
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RIEDEL Sommeliers Tasting Set R.Q.

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