Sommelier of the Month (UK): Christopher Delalonde MS

August's Sommelier of the Month

Sommelier of the Month August 17, 2016 Christopher Delalonde MS (Head Sommelier at Medlar Restaurant) pouring red wine from decanter

Our Sommelier of the month for August 2016 is Christopher Delalonde MS, Head Sommelier at Medlar Restaurant. Christopher has very kindly answered a selection of questions which are below along with his response.

How did you get into the wine industry?

Pure accident; whilst at catering school as I wanted to become a flight crew member.

Why do you enjoy using Riedel glassware within your restaurant?

There are few advantages: available stock; wide range (bar; digestif; wine; water; decanters...) also a versatile offer, it is a recognized brand by customers, and the service from Riedel.

What reaction do you get from customers when you serve their wines in different varietal specific glasses?

It does always trigger a question as per the choice of shape but with a positive, interested & knowledge thirsty approach.

What’s been your greatest wine experience?

I have been lucky and with over 20 years in the business I have met plenty of incredible people and tasted/drank some serious bottles.

What’s been the funniest wine moment in your career?

I was in Germany at Egon Muller's in the Saar. My friend Matt Wilkin and I noticed another door whilst visiting the cellar - lead by Egon himself; we found a hidden small room where the TBA's and eiswein were still fermenting - I had my camera on me: so got few shots of that very special place and then rejoined the group...

What’s been your biggest wine faux pas?

I have made a few... at The Square; the customer ordered Echezeaux 78 from H. Jayer so I proceed to open and taste: fresh, very alive and super fragrant with still some grip on the palate. I then go on to decant the bottle to give it a chance to develop even further...7' later the guest calls me and asks me to taste it again: flat and gone was my conclusion then! Oops!