RIEDEL Adds to M Collection Decanter Portfolio

Medoc and Mosel decanters become the latest addition to Riedel’s extensive selection

JANUARY, 2019 - Glassware innovator, Riedel, has unveiled two new decanters, Medoc and Mosel, to add to the company’s M Decanter Collection, which launched in 2017.

A beautiful complement to Maximilian J. Riedel’s “M” decanter collection, Medoc and Mosel are ideal for vintage red wines, young white wines, champagnes and orange wine. The tall, slender shape of the optically crafted decanters makes them easy to handle, and perfect to fit in the fridge door.

As Maximilian J. Riedel, the designer of these new decanters explains, the design is in keeping with the modern trend towards casual dining:

“Back to basics. Riedel decanters with a double and triple-decanting function have a high level of functionality and are perfect for connoisseurs. Some people, however, may find these decanters too complicated and intricate to handle. With our ‘M’ decanters, we are taking a step back and offering an alternative that we think reflects today’s ‘farm to table’ zeitgeist perfectly.”

The mouth-blown, handmade decanters are produced at the Riedel factory in Kufstein.