Orange Marmalade Gin and Tonic

Orange marmalade gin

We love to mix it up when it comes to a great Gin & Tonic, served in our Riedel Gin glasses, and one of our favourites is to add orange marmalade, which makes the most deliciously brilliant cocktail.

For one drink use, either a single or double measure of gin (to taste), two small spoonful’s of your favourite orange marmalade, a dash or two of lemon juice, a few fresh mint leaves, elderflower tonic, plus a slice of fresh orange. You will also need a Riedel Gin glass and a cocktail shaker.



  1. Add the gin, orange marmalade and some of the mint leaves to a cocktail shaker, together with a few ice cubes.
  2. Shake well for about 15 seconds.
  3. Add some ice cubes to the Riedel Gin Glass. 
  4. Strain the drink from the cocktail shaker into the Riedel Gin Glass.
  5. Top up with elderflower tonic and garnish with the orange slice and remaining mint leaves.


Relax, drink and enjoy!

Box quantity: 4 / Price: EUR 34,90
EUR 34,90
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