Introducing the Altitude Matters Decanter

A New Instrument for Wine Enjoyment in 2021

The RIEDEL Altitude Matters Decanter is an extravagant piece that perfectly expresses the Riedel family’s deep connection with Tyrol and celebrates the company’s 265-year anniversary.

RIEDEL Altitude Matters Decanter


  • Handmade and mouth-blown in Kufstein, Austria
  • Produced in high-quality crystal glass
  • Designed for a single bottle of wine
  • 185 mm / 7 1/2 in tall

The Riedel family’s glassmaking tradition dates back to 1756 in Bohemia. Over the first 200 years, they experienced economic miracles and periods of great success but also weathered financial crises and personal tragedies. In 1957, the Riedels found their new home in Kufstein, Tyrol - to which this new decanter pays homage.

The decanter incorporates the shape of the Kaiser mountain range in Tyrol, which is pressed into the base of the piece and gradually emerges as the wine is poured. Fittingly, Altitude Matters is an adaptation of the RIEDEL Tyrol decanter, created by Stefan Umdasch in 2009 to commemorate the family rebuilding their dynasty in Tyrol following WWII.

Slightly smaller than the original, this new decanter's design makes it ideal for younger wines. As the wine hits the mountains at the base, it is splashed around and further aerated, which significantly reduces the decanting time. Its broad base allows it to sit comfortably on your table, while the angled lip guarantees an easy pour.