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SPIEGELAU Craft Beer Glasses Tasting Kit

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The Craft Beer Tasting Kit features 3 glasses from the iconic Craft Beer series, developed through tasting workshops with the help of craft beer brewers and industry experts.
The glasses bring out the optimal characteristics of 3 specific craft beer styles. India Pale Ale (IPA) is characterized by the gorgeous aroma of hops, Stout by the rich flavor of roasted malt, and American Wheat Bee by its delicate, fruity aroma and refreshing flavor.

The Craft Beer collection is comprised of custom-shaped glasses for craft beers.
The unique shape of each Craft Beer glass has been developed through a series of design and tasting workshops, in collaboration with master brewers and industry professionals. In their opinion, our Craft Beer glasses successfully deliver the complexity of aromas on the nose, while delivering the optimum texture, balance, and intensity of flavor on the palate.

Machine-made and dishwasher safe.
This pack offers a great deal on one IPA, one Stout, and one American Wheat Beer glass from the Craft Beer series.

Year of design 2015

Box quantity 3

Type of Manufacturing machine-made

Material Crystal

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