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Get 50% on selected decanters now! With the promotion code 20RQBC you get the second decanter as a gift when buying two identical RQ decanters. Exclusively for Riedel OnPremise customers valide until 31st December 2020, only while stocks last.

When decanted into Riedel decanters, young wines can develop a bouquet and acquire a maturity that they would otherwise only exhibit after years of storage. Aromas are released, the fruitiness on the palate increases and the texture is rounded off. Decanting older wines serves to settle sediments that may have built up in the bottle during storage. Because of their unique shapes, decanters by Riedel are both true works of art and also an unbelievable triumph of functionality - a classic characteristic of true Riedel quality. These products are offered as "Restaurant quality", i.e. compared with premium quality they may exhibit minor flaws. "Restaurant quality" is offered exclusively to restaurants/hotels.