RIEDEL Decanter - Chinese Zodiac

A classic collector's piece

NEW! Following on from the success of the Ox Decanter 2021, the RIEDEL Zodiac Tiger Decanter will be available as a limited edition from 2022.

February 1st, 2022 marks the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, the third sign of the Chinese zodiac. The tiger is considered unpredictable and untouchable, neither of which applies to RIEDEL decanters.

On the contrary: they are very predictable – with the perfect, well-known RIEDEL function – and wholly touchable.

The decanter fits perfectly in the hand and is the ideal size, whether for the fridge or on crushed ice. Whether separating the wine from unwanted sediment or aerating a young wine to allow its flavor to mature – a decanter significantly improves the taste experience. It is also a perfect instrument for "celebrating" wine pouring, as Maximilian Riedel, Managing Director, and designer of this edition, likes to call it. Those who appreciate the exceptional will find pleasure in this RIEDEL decanter. A unique crystal carafe, handmade in Tyrol, and already a classic with the potential to become a collector's piece.

RIEDEL Zodiac Tiger Decanter – recommended for red wines, white wines, rosé, and champagne.

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