Give the Gift of Wine Enjoyment

The RIEDEL Guide to the Perfect Gift

Wine lovers can either be the easiest or most difficult to buy for: they’re not fussy, or they’re endlessly fussy.

From wine buff to casual wine drinker, our ranges vary in style and price point. So whatever kind of wine lover you know, RIEDEL has the gift for them.

The Sommeliers wine glass series - The RIEDEL mark of quality

For the Wine Connoisseur

They have a temperature-controlled wine fridge or cellar, and regularly spend time trawling Langton’s for back vintages of their favourite wines. They understand the intricacy and process behind winemaking, and not just have preferred varieties but also have preferred styles of these varieties. For the ultimate glass to show respect to wine, Sommeliers is for them.

Distinguished and grand, Sommeliers was the world’s first wine glass collection featuring shapes designed specifically for optimum wine enjoyment. Created by 9th generation Claus J. Riedel in 1958, this collection laid the groundwork for glassware that was designed to highlight the wine, rather than just aesthetics. Still finished by hand in our original factory in Austria, this series is the ultimate gift for the oenophile. 

Maximilian J. Riedel is checking two RIEDEL Veritas Champagne Wine Glasses before presenting to his guests.

For the Ultimate Entertainer

Their home is decorated with functional yet beautiful pieces, and this includes their table. They’ve fussed over their tableware, cutlery and plates – and their glassware is just as important. For their next dinner party or post-work glass of wine, RIEDEL Veritas is the perfect fit for the entertainer.

The revolutionary series RIEDEL Veritas debuted in 2014 after 10th generation Georg J. Riedel challenged his world-class technicians to execute the finest and lightest machine-blown glasses ever made. They created a wine glass collection for the 21st century, classically elegant but as practical as any RIEDEL series. The series also includes separate glasses for both New and Old World wines so they can truly cater to the greatest nuance.

RIEDEL Performance Pinot Noir & Eve Decanter

For the Wine Nerd

They love the latest and greatest technology, and are always keen to try new things. They like to be ahead of everyone else, knowing the latest wines on trend or the newest winery at the forefront. It's time to put the RIEDEL Performance series into their hands: it's the first wine glass collection to feature a light optic impact in the bowl, delivering better aromatics and aesthetic elegance.

With three generations of experience in creating functional, grape varietal specific glassware, RIEDEL Performance is the result of Georg and Maximilian Riedel's drive to continually improve on what has come before. The unique optical effect in the RIEDEL Performance bowls not only looks great but positively impacts the drinker’s perception of bouquet and flavour for a better experience.

Two Extreme Rose glasses with a picnic

For the Wine Explorer

They’re no wine expert but understand the difference between Shiraz and Cabernet, and are keen to keep learning about wine. Trying and discovering new wines is an adventure, which don’t have to be expensive as long as they haven’t been tried before. The Extreme series is the ideal accompaniment to this journey.

Specifically designed for bold, bright and fruit-forward wines, Extreme will elevate their favourites. Named after their extreme contours, the Extreme bowls mimic polished diamonds and their wide angles allow plenty of room for the wine to breathe. They look great, are durable and dishwasher safe, and won’t break the bank.

Ouverture Magnum

For the Simple Wine Drinker

They enjoy a glass of vino with friends but they’re more of a "red or white" person than a "I'll have the 2006 Pinot Noir". If they enjoy a good glass of wine and are a bit of a spontaneous entertainer, then Ouverture will tick all their boxes.

Practical, durable and good-looking, Ouverture is RIEDEL’s entry level series for customers who don’t want to overcomplicate their wine lives. Their attitude is a messy kitchen is a sign of good party, and the dishwasher is their best friend, so this series is perfect for those who want elegant and simple glassware designed for everyday use.