Cornetto Magnum Limited Edition mit 99 Stück, signiert von Sir Elton JohnCornetto Magnum 1/99 signed by Sir Elton John

Riedel continues cooperation with the Elton John AIDS Foundation Riedel donates EUR 25,000.00 from the proceeds to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

JANUARY 2019, Glassware innovator, Riedel, has announced the continuation of its collaboration with the Elton John AIDS Foundation with the new Cornetto Rainbow Double Magnum.

Each of the 99 crystal decanters, handmade in Kufstein, will be engraved with Sir Elton John’s original signature for the second time, following the success of the specially created decanter and collaboration launched in 2017.

This year the colours of the rainbow will again serve as an eye-catching design feature on the Cornetto Rainbow Double Magnum, representing tolerance, acceptance, diversity, hope and yearning.

“We are particularly honoured to be able to use Elton John’s original signature for the second time. It will be engraved on each of the 99 decanters. This makes each of the decanters a truly extraordinary, unique piece,” says Maximilian J. Riedel, 11th generation and managing director of the family business.

“Our limited editions usually comprise 50 units. But in this case, we decided to produce 99 in order to meet the international demand. In past years, the decanters were sold out as soon as they were available. I have the greatest respect for Sir Elton John and his Foundation’s work and am happy to be able to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation in this way.” Maximilian J. Riedel

The limited edition magnum has a significantly larger capacity than the standard size. The production of the decanter is a highly complex and difficult process and can only be achieved by a glassblower in Riedel’s factory in Kufstein. Elton John’s signature can be found on the numbered certificate, and each piece of the edition is unique and a work of art made of crystal glass and mouth blown.