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Maximilian J. Riedel

The company RIEDEL is a family owned, 300 year-old crystal company known to be the inventor of varietalspecific stemware. Riedel is the first company in history to recognize that the taste of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel from which it is consumed, and has been recognized for its revolutionary designs which complement primarily alcoholic beverages.

A new area began in 2013, with the knowledge of form and function being applied to non alcoholic drinks. By the invitation of Coca Cola and with the support of their Atlanta based tasting panel, the Riedel „software“ was utilized to create a specific shape, fine tuned for the enjoyment of worlds most iconic beverage. In the same year, Riedel was introduced to hot beverages by Nespresso in Lausanne. With the extensive knowledge of Nespresso‘s coffee experts, two machine blown shapes for espresso have been developed, highlighting the distinct flavors of their intense and mild coffee blends.

Riedel has become the brand of choice for wine connoisseurs, hospitality professionals, and consumers worldwide. Riedel is distributed world wide and can be found at the most exclusive retailers and fine dining establishments.



the ultimate loudspeaker for fine wine

With three generations of research, development and experience in creating functional, grape varietal specific glassware, Georg and Maximilian Riedel challenged themselves to improve on what had gone before. The result is Performance– a technologically advanced and user-friendly collection of grape varietal specific glasses. Performance is the first Riedel wine glass series ever to feature bowls with a light optic effect. Detailed research by the Riedel family, aimed at improving the organoleptic wine experience, revealed that increasing the inner surface area of the glass had a positive impact on the perception of the bouquet and flavour of the wine. This was achieved through a unique optical effect, which not only adds a pleasing visual aspect to the bowl, but also increases the inner surface area, allowing the wine to open up and to fully show every aroma and subtle nuance. Consisting of seven machine-made, lightweight, durable and dishwasher-safe shapes, Performance glasses are executed in sparkling fine crystal and feature fine stems and large stable bases. The new bowl shapes in Performance, when combined with the optic effect, deliver ultimate wine enjoyment, making Performance the new essential ‘must-have’ wine glass collection for all.

hande-made & grape variteal specific



„Fatto a Mano“ combines the sophistication of hand-made glass in the style of the ancient Venetian tradition with the very latest 21st century glass making technology, using fully automated machine-blown techniques. The ancient, colorful Venetian glass making tradition inspired and ignited the thought process and lead the way towards the required design, where the stem and base would be made by hand and the bowl blown by machine.

machine-made & barware


the glamorous Art Nouveau period

Two ‘Louis’ tumblers were created as part of the Riedel Design Awards 2017 in Venice, when Kyle Solá won the Riedel Young Designer Competition with his innovative design.

‘Fire’ is distinguished by its dynamic, flame-like decoration and was designed by Georg Riedel. These elegant glasses are made to be lighter and finer than the sturdier ‘Louis’ and ‘Spey’ ranges.

‘Optical O’ is based on the popular ‘O’ series of stemless wine glasses and was designed by Maximilian J. Riedel. With two different sizes, these glasses are perfect for cocktails, mixed drinks and soft drinks alike.

The ‘Spey’ series takes it names from  the world famous Scottish river, which is synonymous with fine Scotch Whiskies. ‘Spey’ glasses have a large surface area and a timeless, elegant decoration and heavy base.

‘Optical O’, ‘Louis’, ‘Spey’ and ‘Fire’ tumblers are executed in sparkling crystal glass and are all dishwasher-safe, making them suitable for both professional and home use.

machine-made & grape variteal specific

RIEDEL Restaurant

RIEDEL’s benchmark

RIEDEL Restaurant is RIEDEL’s benchmark, varietal specific wine glass collection. The RIEDEL Restaurant collection features special glass shapes and sizes for fine wines and spirits. These glasses have proved to consumers and restaurateurs that wine pleasure and appreciation starts with the glass. They are extremely functional and high in the quality that RIEDEL is known for, yet reasonably priced.

machine-made & grape variteal specific

VINUM Restaurant

permanent impact on the globe‘s wine glass culture

Since 2018 is also avaiable as Restaurant series. VINUM is based exclusively on the characteristics of quality, reasonable pricing and wide distribution. VINUM has made a permanent impact on the globe‘s wine glass culture. These glasses have proved to consumers and restaurateurs that the pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass. The Vinum collection, developed by Georg J. Riedel on the principle that the content commands the shape, is the „Vitrum-Vinothek“ for everyday use. VINUM covers 23 different shapes for wines, Champagne and spirits.

hande-made & grape variteal specific


world’s first grape varietal specific wine glass collection

40 years on, these Sommeliers glasses created in homage to glass pioneer Claus J. Riedel are no longer mouth-blown or hand-crafted; they are instead made using 21st century machine-blowing technology. Claus J. Riedel was the first glass designer to adapt the form and size of the glass to its content, thus creating instruments to enhance the drinking experience. To avoid confusion with the hand-crafted, mouth-blown Sommeliers glasses, the Sommeliers Restaurant series features a logo etched into the base to distinguish it as "Riedel Restaurant".

finest and lightest machine blown crystal glass ever made


Perfection perfected.

Riedel Veritas is visually stunning and a delight to hold, but it also comes with a competitive price against hand-made products from low-cost-manufacturing countries. Riedel Veritas combines the charm of a handmade glass with the consistent accuracy only a machine-made glass can achieve. The Riedel Veritas bowls are based on the DNA of grape varietals and differentiates for the first time between “New World” and “Old World” within one glass collection. The Riedel Veritas collection covers 13 different shapes. Riedel Veritas is truly the wine glass collection of the 21st century.

machine-made & grape variteal specific


newly improved Extreme wine glass series

Extreme is the ideal grape-varietal-specific line and now features increased durability and improved performance, via a superior connection from the base to the stem and a stronger fusion of the stem to the bowl. These significant upgrades do not change the overall look or feel of the glass and all measurements, capacities and sizing remain as the current version of the successful and iconic Extreme.

machine-made & grape variteal specific

XL Restaurant

perfect form for various wine varieties

Restaurant XL is a grape varietal-specific Riedel series offering the perfect form for various wine varieties, for instance for a young, concentrated Cabernet Sauvignon, a sophisticated Shiraz or a delicate Pinot Noir. With their captivating design the glasses are the highlight of every finely dressed table and draw attention to the wine service. XL is the company's largest and most exquisite Restaurant series to date.

machine-made & grape variteal specific


It is fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy and it works!

The O Restaurant series means broken stems are a thing of the past. Based on the classic Riedel design of the Vinum series, these stemless bowls are the ideal glasses for daily use. With its elegant, uncomplicated design, O represents Riedel’s most informal collection.

machine-made & wine friendly


RIEDEL’s entry level series

OUVERTURE is RIEDEL’s entry level series for customers who appreciate good, reasonably priced wine. OUVERTURE is a nonvarietal specific collection, of ten fine crystal glasses, that will increase the owner‘s drinking pleasure of wine, beer and spirits.

machine-made & wine friendly


for young entrepreneurs and enables restaurateurs

The Degustazione series has been specially designed for young entrepreneurs and enables restaurateurs to offer their customers the ideal wine glasses for optimum taste at a reasonable price. The simple glasses for red and white wines offer guests a pleasurable wine experience and are the ideal starter series for ambitious restaurateurs.

machine-made & wine friendly


a wavy shape with subtle curves

This series has been named after the ease with which they enable the wine to be swirled. This is because the Swirl series has a wavy shape with subtle curves, meaning the glass sits in the hand better and allows the wine to be swirled in the glass particularly well. With a tiny hand movement the wine is effortlessly opened out and aerated with each gentle swirl. The versatile stemless glasses are also the perfect choice for other drinks, such as water and juices, etc.

machine-made & barware


Stylish and versatile

Stylish and versatile, Manhattan is a classical range of tumblers, specifically developed for demanding on premise use. The glasses of the series are easy to handle and ideal for equipping the minibar, breakfasts or any other high volume usage.

machine-made & barware

Riedel Bar

functional and stylish

The world‘s most renowned spirit experts participated in extensive tasting workshops. The tasters analysed the effect of shapes, size and rim diameters on each beverage to create instruments that express the individual character and originality of the beverage. Riedel Bar brings this collection of superior spirits glasses together for the ultimate home bar and features the most popular fortified wines and spirits. Each glass is finely tuned to increase the enjoyment of spirits by showing the unique character of the beverage; highlighting the tempting fruitiness and de-emphasising the evidence of alcohol on the nose and palate.



There are two reasons why we decant wines:

  1. Decant an older wine to separate it from its sediment.
  2. Decant a younger wine to increase aeration, revealing more complexity, and opening up aromas and flavors.

To enjoy young wines fully (up to 10 years for both red and white) consider opening them 8 – 12 hours prior to consumption for aeration, or decant the wine, as this shortens the aeration process.

The main preservation element in wine is carbon dioxide, which is integrated with the wine during the first (= alcoholic) fermentation.

Decanting reduces the amount of carbon dioxide and "matures" the wine, allowing the bouquet to develop faster. On the palate, decanted wine expresses higher levels of fruit in red wines and tends to integrate and smooth out tannins.

When decanting young wines, turn the bottle straight into the decanter and let it splash into the vessel, allowing maximum aeration. When decanting off the sediment of an old wine, slowly pour the wine into the decanter without allowing any sediment to leave the bottle.

hande-made & grape variteal specific



„Fatto a Mano“ combines the sophistication of hand-made glass in the style of the ancient Venetian tradition with the very latest 21st century glass making technology, using fully automated machine-blown techniques. The ancient, colorful Venetian glass making tradition inspired and ignited the thought process and lead the way towards the required design, where the stem and base would be made by hand and the bowl blown by machine.