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RIEDEL Vinum Extreme Rosé/Champagne

The diamond-shaped machine-made Champagne glass of the eye-catching glass collection Vinum Extreme is the perfect choice to reveal the bouquet and freshness of rosé wines and Champagnes. The glass bowl shape of the Vinum Extreme Rosé glass is fundamentally different from all other RIEDEL glasses and can be used for all rosé wines. Extreme glasses are named for their extreme contours and have diamond-shaped bowls that angle out dramatically before narrowing at the top. The result is an exceptionally wide evaporation surface that intensifies and enhances silkiness in the mouth of New World wines, which tend to be more fruit driven in style. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.
dramatically designed for new world wines

Vinum Extreme


VINUM EXTREME was produced to keep up with the steady improvement of New World wines, enhancing their intense structure. A very specific glass was required to showcase and highlight the special qualities presented in the more perfect wines from the New World. These wines call for shapes which can “handle“ the concentration and translate the wine‘s message in a perfect way.

RIEDEL Vinum Extreme Rosé/Champagne

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