Decanter Swan Magnum Limited Edition 2020

175 units bearing Sir Elton John’s signature

This is the fourth and final cooperation between the Austrian company Riedel and the Elton John AIDS Foundation with EUR 35,000 of all proceeds going to the charity.
RIEDEL has donated 110.000€ in total from 2017-2020.

JANUARY 2020. Maximilian Riedel is delighted to announce another instalment of Riedel’s cooperation with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, which began with a specially designed decanter in 2017. 2020 therefore marks the fourth year of this successful cooperation. Sir Elton John’s original signature will be engraved into each of the 175 crystal decanters, which are handmade in Kufstein.

The distinctive features of Riedel’s decanter collection for the Elton John AIDS Foundation are the special sizes (Magnum or Double Magnum) and the colours of the rainbow.

“Our limited editions usually comprise 50 units. But in the case of the decanter editions for the Elton John AIDS Foundation, we increased the numbers each year so we could keep up with the enormous worldwide demand. I greatly admire the work Sir Elton John does and am honoured to be able to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation again this year,” says Maximilian J. Riedel.

The Magnum decanter has a capacity of 1.5 litres. The production of the decanter is a highly complex and difficult process. Only the glassblowers at the Riedel factory in Kufstein have the skills required to make these extraordinary decanters. Elton John’s autograph is engraved into the base of the decanter, which is also accompanied by a signed and serially numbered certificate. Each decanter in this edition is a unique piece, a mouth-blown work of art made of crystal glass.

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Riedel is a family business based in Kufstein, Tyrol. It has an impressive history and is no less successful today.
Georg J. Riedel and Maximilian J. Riedel, the 10th and 11th generations respectively, continue to advance the family’s extraordinary achievements. Both have carried forward their ancestors’ legacy with determination, innovation, passion and progressive thinking, and have laid the foundation for the success of the next Riedel generation by employing innovative technology and creativity. The company has been providing the world markets with glassware for a long time, it thinks far beyond Europe and is, at heart, nevertheless a family business with a sense of tradition and Austrian roots that will continue to define its path in the future.

About the Elton John AIDS Foundation

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in 1992 and is one of the leading independent AIDS organisations in the world. The Foundation’s mission is simple: an AIDS free future. We are committed to no more discrimination. No more HIV infections. No more AIDS deaths. No matter who or where you are.

The Foundation works at all levels to influence change. With the mobilization of our network of generous supporters and partners, we fund local experts in 23 countries to spread awareness, prevent infections and provide care and treatment for the most marginalised groups. We harness local knowledge and innovation and motivate governments to end AIDS. We will not stop until there is an AIDS free future.