Riedel Cornetto-Confetti

DECANTERS 2020: The Art of Decanting Wine

For years Riedel has been reiterating the importance of decanting. Recommended for red wines, white wines, champagne and rosé wines.
International awards and patents underline the company’s expertise in decanters and their functionality, developed over the course of many years. Cornetto, designed by Maximilian Riedel in 2004, is one of Riedel’s worldwide bestselling products. It has a timeless shape and is easy to use.

Cornetto-Confetti is Riedel’s response to the ever-increasing demand for “more colour” on theinternational markets. The great success of the colourful Amadeo decanter collection, which was introduced in 2019, gave Maximilian Riedel the idea to create Cornetto-Confetti. The bright colours of the decanters are inspired by pop art and stand for zest for life and joy! The decanters are handmade in the factory in Kufstein.

For those who prefer an understated look, the Cornetto decanter is also available in the original, transparent version – regular size or mini.
Cornetto-Confetti is available in yellow, blue, red, orange and green.