Decanters 2021

Altitude Matters - Decanting with a view!

The new decanter by Riedel pays homage to the Austrian province of Tyrol

The Riedel family’s glassmaking tradition dates back to 1756 in Bohemia. The family saw economic miracles and had periods of great success, and also weathered economic crises and experienced tragedies – all before finding their new home in 1957. In Kufstein, Tyrol. In the heart of Europe.

On the occasion of the company’s 265-year jubilee, Riedel is presenting this new decanter as an homage to its new home.
Each decanter is a unique, handcrafted piece made of crystal glass. The inside base of the decanter is sculpted in the shape of the Kaiser mountain range in Tyrol, which gradually emerges as the wine is poured out.

This new decanter, an adaptation of the Tyrol design created by Stefan Umdasch in 2009, is also functional in that it features Riedel’s patented double decanting function. As the wine hits the mountains at the base, it is splashed around and aerated, which significantly reduces the decanting time. Young wines, in particular, benefit from this technique.

Altitude Matters – an extravagant decanter that perfectly expresses the Riedel family’s deep connection with Tyrol.