RIEDEL Chinese Zodiac Ox Decanter

Understated design, reliable functionality

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox, which Riedel is celebrating by offering an exclusive special edition that will be available from 2021.

This decanter is dedicated to Claus Josef and Georg Josef Riedel, the 9th and 10th generations of the long-established company, who were both born in Years of the Ox.

The most eye-catching detail of this decanter is the Chinese character incorporated in its body. The template for the character was created by a Chinese calligrapher. Authenticity and perfection characterise the decanter’s design. 

A decanter is an indispensable instrument for any wine lover. It separates the wine from the unwanted sediment and aerates a young wine, allowing its flavours to open up. Anyone with appreciation for fine nuance can look forward to RIEDEL’s new Ox decanter, a unique crystal carafe that has what it takes to become a classic piece. Unlike its predecessor, which commemorated 2020 (the Year of the Rat) and was produced exclusively for the Chinese market, the Ox decanter will be available worldwide. 

The Ox decanter is handcrafted in Tyrol. A small functional detail for good measure: An ox’s character can be described as calm, reliable and modest. Accordingly, the decanter’s slender form allows it to fit modestly and reliably into any fridge door and to enhance any table setting.

A collector’s item for all RIEDEL fans!

RIEDEL has experienced strong growth in the Chinese market, thanks largely to its subsidiary, which drives the business there. The Riedel shops and the office in Shanghai underline the significance of this market.