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RIEDEL Sommeliers Black Tie Mature Bordeaux R.Q. Set/6

This set contains of 6 pieces Sommeliers Black Tie Mature Bordeaux R.Q.. The unadorned handmade Mature Bordeaux glass of the beautiful glass collection Sommeliers Black Tie is featured by a black base. This is a glass that imparts all concentration and finesse that great wines deserve. Based on the timeless original shapes, these classic and elegant glasses feature a tall black stem on the varietal specific red wine glasses and a black base with crystal stem on the white wine glasses. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe. RQ = this item is supplied as 'Restaurant Quality' meaning that it may contain small imperfections when compared to the same item in 'best quality' and, as such, is offered at a special purchase price exclusively for use in restaurants.
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