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RIEDEL Vitis Tasting Set

This tasting set contains 4 pieces Vitis: Cabernet, Pinot Noir/Nebbiolo, Riesling and Oaked Chardonnay. The tall machine-made Cabernet glass showcases the majestically structured red wines in all their complexity and finesse. The shape of the bowl of the Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo glass supports peatiness flavor and the taste of plum of these sensual red wines. The shape of the Riesling glass best supports floral white wines – aroma and taste are dominated by fermented grape juice and the flavor of yeast. The size of the bowl oft he Oaked Chardonnay glass allows space for the rich bouquet to develop its superbly diverse range of aromas, while minimizing the risk of becoming over concentrated. RIEDEL's highest machine-made fine crystal glass is the pinnacle of modern stemmed-glass technology featuring higly sophisticated grape varietal specific bowls on a pulled stem. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.
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Filled wine glasses of the Vitis collection on a light, reflecting surface. From left to right: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Oaked Chardonnay.<br/>
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VITIS is a varietal specific stemware line and its award winning architectural design, represents the pinnacle of translating a wine’s message to the human senses. Each grape varietal carries its unique DNA which denotes the wine’s individual fingerprint. The RIEDEL glass designs are based on the exceptional characteristics of each grape variety, which in turn determines the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl. VITIS also offers extra height in the stem for added elegance on your table.

RIEDEL Vitis Tasting Set

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