Sommelier of the Month (UK): Sam Weatherill

September's Sommelier of the Month

Sommelier of the Month (UK): Sam Weatherill

Our Sommelier of the Month for September 2018 is Sam Weatherill, Restaurant Manager and Sommelier at etch. by Steven Edwards. Sam has very kindly answered a selection of questions which are below along with his response.

How did you get into the wine industry?

I was managing a cocktail bar and wanted to improve my knowledge of wines, as it was an area I was only vaguely familiar with. I started working my way through the WSET programme to ascertain a better comprehension of the world of wine. Inevitably I caught the wine bug and my bank account has never been the same since.


Why do you enjoy using Riedel glassware within your restaurant?

When a guest can see that we are serving our wines in Riedel glassware it makes them feel at ease. They know that whatever wine they decide to enjoy that evening, it will be elevated to its maximum potential via magnificently designed glassware.


What reaction do you get from customers when you serve their wines in different varietal specific glasses?

The beaming expressions I see when, for instance,the Riedel Hermitage glass is placed on the table are priceless.


What’s been your greatest wine experience?

Sitting on the Northern slopes of Mt Etna at the Planeta Estate, enjoying their selection of wines with some classic Sicilian nibbles, overlooking the sloping vines at sunset.


What’s been the funniest wine moment in your career?

I once heard someone pronounce Syrah as saranata.


What’s been your biggest wine faux pas?

The mortifying experience of slipping on the restaurant floor and dropping three glasses of red wine over a guest.

I upgraded my shoes the following day.

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