Distilleries Worth Visiting this Summer

Drink up some true Australian flavour

The Australian drinks industry has historically been dominated by beautifully made wine and juicy craft beers. Now, there’s a new player: spirits. In our quest to track down some stunning distilleries for you to visit this summer, we discovered that each one has been inspired by the native flavours and characters of our unique country. Read on to discover the new wave of Australian drinks!

Husk Distillery team

Husk Distillers, New South Wales

  • Husk is a family business that started with a vision to bring agricole rum to Australia. That dream quickly morphed into a desire to capture and share the unique provenance of NSW’s North Coast with guests at the Husk Farm Distillery.
  • Agricole rum is the French-Caribbean style of producing rum, and is made from freshly crushed sugar cane juice, instead of molasses.  Only about 4% of the world's rum is made in this way because you need easy access to sugar cane - which Husk have, as they grow it!
  • Agricole rum is seasonal, so Husk used their time off in the summer months to create Ink Gin: the world’s first all-natural, colour-changing gin. Made from butterfly pea flower, which are highly sensitive to pH, Ink Gin changes from blue to blush pink when mixed with low pH (like tonic water, lime or lemon). It’s the world's first patented gin!
  • Take a Husk Farm Distillery tour with immersive gin and rum tastings, then sit on the lawn with a view of Wollumbin (Mount Warning), pat the cows and enjoy the surrounding nature. They’ve also just introduced 'Husk At Dusk' on Friday afternoons - live music sessions in time for summer!
Manly Spirits distillery

Manly Spirits, New South Wales

  • Manly Spirits produces sustainable craft Australian spirits and liqueurs. They make clever use of marine and coastal foraged botanicals, as well as ocean water itself, to capture the flavour of the beautiful Australian coast.
  • The high-achieving Manly Spirits portfolio has won multiple awards, including Best Australian Dry Gin (Australian Dry), Best Contemporary Australian Gin (Coastal Citrus), and Best Australian Fruit Liqueur (Zesty Limoncello). Plus they have over 500 barrels of whisky maturing, waiting to be released!
  • Their distillery hosts a variety of events and experiences, like their famous distillery tours and tastings, whisky experiences, cocktail masterclasses - and gin yoga! As they describe it, it’s the ultimate balance between wellbeing and pleasure!
  • Manly Spirits has a full-size bar open to the public from Friday to Sunday. Their new summer bar menu is about to take off and will include a number of unique craft cocktails designed with clever food pairings.
Starward Distillery

Starward Distillery, Victoria

  • After working in a prominent Tasmanian distillery, David Vitale wanted to create a whisky that reflected his hometown of Melbourne, and combined his love of food and family. He founded Starward in 2013 and quickly became what is now the fastest growing Australian whisky brand, bringing together a team of highly skilled brewers and ex-winemakers.
  • Starward Whisky is fully matured in Australian red wine barrels, giving it incredible flavour intensity, texture and complexity. Think oak, red berry jam, baking spices, vanilla, and orchard fruits. This makes it complex enough to drink neat, but still a star in cocktails and mixed drinks.
  • Starward has become a high achiever in its short time. It was named the 2018 Best Australian Whisky Innovator of the Year at the World Whisky Awards, and their ‘Nova’ Whisky was awarded the 2016 Best Craft Whisky in the World. 
  • Following a refit next year, the Distillery will add cocktail classes and food pairings to their current event offering of tours and whisky masterclasses. In the meantime, take a guided tasting through their range and incredible barrel sample selection.
Kangaroo Island Spirits gin blending class

Kangaroo Island Spirits, South Australia

  • Established in 2006 by Sarah and Jon Lark, Kangaroo Island Spirits was Australia’s first dedicated gin distillery. Their love for gin inspired them to produce a premium spirit using quality ingredients and made in a traditional way.
  • Kangaroo Island Spirits use a combination of native botanicals found on the island, and herbs grown in their own garden. From the samphire in the SLAP Vodka, boobialla in the Wild Gin, Olearia in the award-winning O Gin and Ligurian honey in the Honey and Walnut Liqueur, all their products use premium South-Australian produce.
  • A visit to the Kangaroo Island Spirits distillery is a great way to explore their range, including gins, vodkas and liqueurs. Their Gin Tasting platter explores different Gin styles with unique combinations of tonics and garnishes, including fresh herbs from their garden, house-dried fruits and prepared spices. You can even blend your own 200ml bottle of gin in their Blending Masterclasses!
  • For a true taste of Kangaroo Island Spirits, try their signature affogato: their Honey and Walnut liqueur and fresh coffee, poured over locally made Honey and Walnut ice cream.
Barossa Distillery

Barossa Distillery, South Australia

  • Barossa Distillery is based in one of Australia’s infamous wine regions, Barossa Valley. They specialise in gin, and aim to highlight and emphasise the rich history of the region, the fertile landscape and great produce.
  • Generations Gin includes botanicals that are commonly seen growing in the region, like orange, lavender, almonds, and fennel seeds. As a nod to the winemaking of the Barossa, they have included toasted French oak chips for distinct Barossa flavour!
  • To truly embody the Barossa, they also blend locally-made wine into two of their gins. Budburst gin is made with White Frontignac, and their Barossa Shiraz gin uses fresh shiraz grapes from the iconic Krondorf Road.
  • Barossa Distillery's tasting room and bar located in the Old Penfold’s Distillery in Nuriootpa. The Distillery is a glimpse into the history of distillation in Barossa, particularly the various Brandies that were once produced there.