6 Ways Coravin Will Change the Way You Drink Wine

What can you do with your Coravin system?

It’s a classic horror story: you opened a bottle of wine to have a glass with dinner after a hard Monday, then forgot about it until Friday. Full of hope, you pour yourself a glass – but the wine is completely oxidised. Down the sink it goes.


So do you skip your Monday night wine from now on, or waste a bottle on a single glass?


Well we have another option for you: Coravin. You can pour a glass of wine without sacrificing the bottle, ensuring the last glass will taste just as amazing as the first, whether it’s been a week, a month, or more.


So, sure, you can avoid wasting wine — but what else can you do with your Coravin System?

Coravin Model One pouring white wine

1. Unwind at the end of a long day.

You know the feeling. Stressful workday, time wasted in traffic, house a mess, kids fighting. What you wouldn’t give for a single glass of wine! But 62%* of wine drinkers forgo consumption after work because they don't want to open a new bottle.

With Coravin, you can always finish off the day with your favourite wine. Pouring yourself a glass using the Wine Preservation System means it'll stay fresh no matter when you're in the mood for another one. Coravin will preserve the rest of the bottle for weeks or months with the Screw Cap Accessory, or even years under cork closure.


2. Compromise no more.

Life is full of compromise. Deal with public transport or pay for overpriced parking near work? Grocery shop and cook or order takeaway? Finish that last episode or get to bed earlier? 

Well, now you can cross "red or white?" off that list! So if you’re craving both, you can have both. If you’re craving a glass of Pinot Noir followed by a glass of Shiraz, you can have both. No need to make unnecessary sacrifices with Coravin!

Coravin Model Two atop a bottle of red wine

3. Turn your wine rack into a personal bar.

You’re having a party and have cracked a bottle of champagne for your guests… but it just isn’t hitting the spot for you. 75%* of wine drinkers admit they drink whatever everyone else is having... even if they'd prefer something else. With Coravin, everyone can enjoy exactly what they want without any waste.

Better yet, Coravin allows you to pour as little as a sip, so you can taste and test to see if it’s what you’re craving before you go for a full glass.


4. Celebrate everyday victories.

Use your Coravin System to enjoy your best bottles, even when it's not a birthday or anniversary. Whether the kids are in bed early or you aced a client meeting, everyday victories deserve a celebration too!

Have a couple of treasured bottles under cork that you’ve been saving for a special occasion, but don’t know if they’re ready to drink? The System also allows you to check them and see how they’re ageing.

Coravin Model Two sitting on bench

5. Pair to perfection.

Taking your next romantic dinner to the next level?

You don't have to select one bottle or style for the whole meal; Coravin makes it possible to choose a different wine for every course. You can match wines to your entrée, main and dessert without having to worry about pouring wine down the sink in a few days time when you haven’t finished them. 


6. Earn your wine connoisseur cred.

Greg Lambrecht invented the Coravin System for many reasons, and one of those was to give wine lovers the opportunity to taste different wines side by side.

Comparative tastings give you a unique occasion to fast track your wine education. You can host informal tastings for your friends, or even for yourself, and learn about the differences between wine styles, varietals, and regions, one sip at a time. With Coravin, you’ll be a pro in no time.

* All statistics sourced from the Coravin "National Wine Day" survey.