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RIEDEL Decanter Amadeo

The handmade decanter is made in a limited edition of 100 pieces annually. Standing over 26 inches tall, each decanter is masterfully crafted and formed freely without the help of any molds, and proves extremely difficult to create. Due to its large size, the Amadeo Double Magnum requires the efforts of three master glassblowers to mouth blow its elegant lyric silhouette, with every decanter’s shape differing slightly, making each a truly unique and functional work of art. Its challenging curvaceous shape is blown with two openings on either end, the larger for receiving wine, and the smaller for pouring wine into the glass, with the vessel’s large bowl maximizing the surface-to-air space allowing such a large amount of wine to fully open up and aerate. The decanter’s clear crystal is accented by three tuxedo stripes in RIEDEL’s heritage colors, with a large imperial red stripe outlined by two black lines that lovingly follow the contours of its stylized shape. RIEDEL tip: use bottle cleaners to remove stains inside the decanter.
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