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RIEDEL Decanter Performance


RIEDEL Performance


With three generations of research,development and experience in creatingwine specific glassware Georg Riedel & Maximilian J. Riedel have created Performance; the ultimate loudspeakerfor fine wine. Lightweight, durable and dishwasher safe, Performance glasses are executed in sparkling crystal glass, and feature long fine stems and large stable bases. Performance’s unique optic impact not only adds a pleasing visual aspect tothe bowl, but also increases the innersurface area, allowing the wine to open upand to fully show every aroma and subtlenuance. The grape varietal specific shapesin Performance, when combined with theoptic impact, deliver ultimate wine enjoyment, making Performance the new essential ‘must-have’ wine glass collection for all wine-lovers.

RIEDEL Decanter Performance

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"I prefer to decant wines, both young and old. It is a sign of respect for old wines and a sign of confidence in young wines."
Christian Moueix – President of the Négociant house ètablissements Jean-Pierre Moueix