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Sommeliers Vintage Port Value Gift Pack

This box contains 2 pieces Sommeliers Vintage Port. The unadorned handmade Port glass of the beautiful glass collection Sommeliers is offered in an attractive value gift pack - Pay 1 Get 2. Ideal to give as gift or to enjoy yourself. This glass combines all the positive characteristics established by research, emphasizing harmony and concentration of fruit. The glass distinguishes by an impeccable quality. The Sommeliers series is the world's first grape varietal specific wine glass and turns every sip into a celebration. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.
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world’s first grape varietal specific wine glass collection



The introduction of the SOMMELIERS series in 1973 achieved worldwide recognition. A glass was born that turns a sip into a celebration – a wine’s best friend - fine-tuned to match the grape! We invite you to share this fascinating and unique experience. You don’t need to be a wine writer, a wine maker or an expert to taste the difference that a RIEDEL glass can make.

Sommeliers Vintage Port Value Gift Pack

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