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RIEDEL Vinum Restaurant Viognier/Chardonnay

The durable machine-made Viognier and Chardonnay glass of the classic glass collection Vinum Restaurant should be part of the basic equipment of every hotel and restaurant that wants to offer its guests the true enjoyment of wine.. The classic RIEDEL shape allows young wines to express all their invigorating freshness, while more mature wines are encouraged to deliver the nutty, spicy, mineral flavors. This glass is designed that the low acidity is delivered in a way that sets off the alcohol and rich flavors of the wine, highlighting its velvety, supple texture, emphasizing the fruit and ensuring a long, balanced finish. Vinum glasses have proved to consumers and restaurateurs that the pleasure of consuming wine starts with the glass. All RIEDEL glasses are dishwasher safe.
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Vinum Restaurant

RIEDEL Vinum Restaurant Viognier/Chardonnay

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