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NACHTMANN Vivendi Longdrink Set/4

This set contains 4 pieces Vivendi Longdrink. The elegant machine-made longdrink glass of the contemporary glass collection Vivendi convinces with style and tasteful design. Walter Gropius (1883-1969), founder and architect of the crystal factory in Amberg has been formulated to meet his time: "The modern man who's does not sport historial garments, also requires modern things for everyday use, the first is functionally, secondly, beautiful, durability, third and fourth, affordability. "Vivendi corresponds to this emphasis on functionality, design, quality and price value. Nachtmann Vivendi – these are elegant, contemporary glasses, designed for daily use. The design is very committed to the austere style by Walter Gropius. The extensive standard with numerous drinking glasses has the right glass in store for each drink. As all NACHTMANN crystal this item is dishwasher safe. "


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