Mixing Up for March

As the season prepares to change later this month, now is the best time to mix things up! Try out a March inspired drink recipe and serve it out of a Riedel Tumbler Collection Louis Longdrink this season.

The Tumbler Collection for colourful cocktail fun


What You'll Need:

  • Two ounces of light Rum 
  • Two ounces of dark Rum
  • Two ounces of lemon juice (freshly squeezed or from concentrate)
  • Four ounces of passion fruit juice
  • One tablespoon of grenadine
  • One handful of ice cubes 
  • Fruit for garnish - such as cherries or oranges 



Pour all liquids into a shaker. Add ice and begin to shake. Strain ice and pour liquid into a TUMBLER COLLECTION LOUIS LONGDRINK glass. Garnish top of glass with fruit and ENJOY!


RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Louis Long Drink
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RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Louis Long Drink
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