The new Riedel Tumbler Collection for colourful cocktail fun

Sun, fun and delicious cocktails

Is there anything better than enjoying a fresh cocktail on a sunny day? The new tumblers from the RIEDEL Tumbler Collection are the perfect glasses for colourful cocktails. With refined cuts and stylish designs, they add the finishing touch to your drinks.

We have prepared two simple cocktail recipes for you to hone your cocktail making skills at home.

A mixture of fresh fruits is used to decorate an orange cocktail in a RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Louis Longdrink glass. This drink is presented on a table with tablecloths, fruits and a bartender's stirring spoon.<br/>

Earl Grey Sundowner


1 Earl Grey tea bag, 60 ml rum, 20 ml lemon juice, 30 ml coconut syrup, 30 ml pink grapefruit juice, 40 ml orange juice, ice cubes, slices of lemon, orange and lime and fresh raspberries to garnish


Pour 200 ml of water into the Earl Grey tea bag according to the instructions on the packet and allow to steep. Add rum, lemon juice, coconut syrup, pink grapefruit juice, orange juice and ice cubes to the shaker together with the finished Earl Grey tea and shake vigorously for about 1 minute.

Fill the RIEDEL Tumbler Louis Longdrink with ice, pour in the cocktail and garnish with thin slices of lime, lemon, orange and fresh raspberries.

Rosé Champagne combined with rhubarb vanilla juice and one big ice cube is served in a RIEDEL Tumbler Collection Fire Whisky glass. This drink is presented on a table with tablecloths and a bowl full of strawberries.<br/>

Rhubarb Champagne


250 g rhubarb (unpeeled), 1 vanilla pod (pulp), 80 g sugar, 1/2 lemon (juice), 150 ml water, 130 ml rose champagne, ice cubes, rosemary to garnish, rhubarb to garnish


Carefully scrape the vanilla pulp out of the pod. Bring the rhubarb, sugar, vanilla pulp and the scraped vanilla pod, lemon juice and water to the boil in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium heat for about 15 minutes until the rhubarb is soft. Remove the vanilla pod from the pot and pass the liquid and rhubarb through a fine-meshed sieve. Collect the juice and allow to cool.

For the cocktail, pour 70 ml rhubarb vanilla juice into a RIEDEL Tumbler Fire Whisky, add ice cubes and pour in rosé champagne.

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