Introducing RIEDEL Mixologist of the Month (US): Justin Pasha

Introducing our first RIEDEL Mixologist of the Month, Justin Pasha! 



Riedel Mixologist of the Month Justin Pasha uses tongs to guide the ice going into a RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware glass.

What is the signature drink on your cocktail list?

The "Persian Lemonade"
This cocktail is inspired by a classic Persian summer refreshment. Tart, and sweet, with a perfectly balanced floral element.
1.75 oz Vodka
0.75 oz lemon juice
0.75 oz Simple
1 bar spoon of Persian basil seeds rehydrated in rose water.

Collins Glass

Cucumber slice and Mint Bouquet.

Tell us about your bar program! What makes it unique?

We are a full-service cocktail catering company specializing in extraordinary bar experiences. The Cup Bearer breathes life into what some think of as a lackluster exchange, through something guests have never seen while ordering a drink. Each cocktail is diligently crafted from scratch, as guests are drawn into a playful performance; a shake of hand-carved ice, a dash of bitters, an effervescent pour into crystal cut glass, an intriguing garnish peel. A fine linen coaster for a finishing touch before being presented to the guest gracefully, awaiting its first sip. - Consider this your permission to party.

What is an under-the-radar drink on your list that you wouldn't want us to miss?


The "Piscoteca"


2 oz Barsol Pisco

1 oz Lime Juice

1 oz Simple

1 oz Egg white

.25 oz Cucumber Juice Jalepeno

Cilantro Mint


Sour Glass

GARNISH Freshly ground black pepper

Bartender's Choice. What are you ordering when you have a night off?

Something boozy, in the old fashion / Sazerac family

In your opinion, how do Riedel glasses enhance the wine drinking experience? Which is your favorite glass/product?

The Riedel glasses allow our guests to experience their wine or cocktails in a true form. When a wine maker, distiller, blender, or bartender make liquid concoctions they want the person imbibing to experience the tipple to it's fullest. Riedel helps make that happen with the small details that are thought about in the design of a specific glass.

I love the nick & nora glass for spirit forward, stirred cocktails. The shape, the weight, the stem, and the base are all really well thought out for a martini or manhattan. It keeps the cocktail nice and cold. It places the cocktail onto the middle of the tongue with the slight curved in edges. All around just a great glass.

What's the latest cocktail trend that you're excited about?

Trends are a weird concept to me. Every year articles and interviews are put out saying this is what is going to be the trend for the upcoming year. Ask rum and brandy how that has turned out. Seems like the year of rum or brandy has supposed to have been every year for the last 10 years. I look at it as, what is the person being interviewed really into or what is their area of the world really into. My favorite trends are the ones that individual bartenders or bars are into. If they are really into something, I know they have put their heart and soul into the experimentation and development.


RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Fizz
RIEDEL Drink Specific Glassware Sour