Durable Wine Glasses from Spiegelau

Since the first recorded mention of the Spiegelau factory in 1521, Spiegelau combines the principles of hand craftsmanship with the latest glassmaking techniques to present functional glassware for everyday use.

Durable and dishwasher safe, Spiegelau is designed to suit every venue: from casual eateries to upscale wine bars, upscale fine dining to the local pub. 

Drink better with Spiegelau's elegant and functional wine ranges, starting from only $3.95 per piece.

Authentis Casual

authentis casual

Sometimes, less is more. AUTHENTIS CASUAL glasses distinguish themselves through their missing stem. Presenting a characteristic silhouette from the stemmed Authentis series, these glasses are casual, fun and ideal for relaxed venues.

Festival On-Premise


FESTIVAL is arguably Spiegelau's most popular hospitality range, thanks to its simple design and durability. The series is extremely breakage resistant and dishwasher safe, and features classic shapes to suit a variety of venues and purposes at a fantastic price point.

Hybrid On-Premise


Designed in conjunction with Johann Willsberger, HYBRID draws inspiration from both the handmade Willsberger Collection and the Authentis range, which has enjoyed worldwide success. Using shapes which redefine our way of thinking, Hybrid embraces the vital function of the wine glass as a mediator between wine and enjoyment. This elegant and distinctive range allows the wine to develop perfectly without its essence being lost.

Vino Grande

vino grande

VINO GRANDE is the intelligent glass for elegant and perfect wine drinking. With a series of different drinking glasses, they are wine friendly, boasting high-quality characteristics thanks to the most modern technology production facilities. Durable and dishwasher safe, they are stylish and functional.


Willsberger Anniversary

willsberger anniversary

The WILLSBERGER ANNIVERSARY series is a successful machine reproduction of the world famous hand-blown series Willsberger, crafted by Spiegelau for the past 30 years. Originally designed by Johann Willsberger, this machine-made production makes the series more affordable and therefore available to a wider audience.

Wine Lovers

wine lovers

WINE LOVERS embraces simplicity without sacrificing style or quality. The glasses in this collection are available in three specially designed shapes for white, red and sparkling wine. Each glass delivers the wine’s fullest aromatics and flavours while lending an air of sophistication to your restaurant or bar. 

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