Sunday 4 September



We contacted some of our friends and partners in Australia - chefs, winemakers and wine professionals - to share what they are planning this year!

From fun runs to long lunches (and a few of their favourite bottles), they’ve also included their picks for favourite products or ideal Father’s Day gifts.

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Mark Baulderstone

Managing Director | RIEDEL Australia

I used to love going out for lunch but as the family grows, I find it far more relaxing to just be at home, where a big lunch is always on the cards. I like to kick off with a martini and some charcuterie to set the tone of the day, followed by champagne.

This year I'll prepare a couple of rib eyes on the bone from our local butcher. My family gifted me a Pig & Pilgrim parrilla grill barbecue last Father's Day, and the fire's smokiness really adds something else!

Steak like this needs some Australian Shiraz. I'll pick a bottle with some age and throw it in our Curly Fatto a Mano decanter early in the morning to give it time to breathe. Nothing like finishing breakfast and opening some wine for lunch! Gives you plenty to look forward to.

My beautiful wife will make the sides - she does an incredible potato gratin - and we'll all gather at the table to eat. After all that, an afternoon nap is certainly on the cards!


Tom Carson

General Manager & Chief Winemaker | Yabby Lake

Our Father's Day definitely involves a catch up with the family over lunch and a nice bottle of wine. If the weather is good a BBQ, but knowing Melbourne weather who knows…

Our two girls Alix and Tara, now 23 and 19, would always buy me the most outrageous looking underwear for Father's Day and still do. When they were younger they would be so excited with the embarrassing array of pink and crazy designed underwear that I would have to wear so it quickly became a tradition!


Kevin Glastonbury

Senior Red Winemaker | Yalumba

Sami and I head to Adelaide Central Market on the Saturday and grab a rib eye on the bone, maybe a tomahawk steak as well if we have company, and a heap of fresh salad veggies, field mushrooms and herbs.

On Sunday, after the kids get me our “breakfast of champions” (toasted sourdough with avocado, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, poached egg, chilli, red capsicum and a couple of double espressos), I head out to fire up the chargriller. 

I’ll open the reds I’ve selected - usually a Premier Cru Red Burgundy and an aged Yalumba Signature - and decant them into the RIEDEL Apple and RIEDEL Amadeo. While this is happening, Sami cooks the chips and makes the hollandaise, while I char the meat and cook mushrooms.

Then we all sit down and get stuck in, paired with a cracking Burgundy in our RIEDEL Veritas Old World Pinot glasses and a brilliant aged Yalumba Signature in our beautiful RIEDEL Cabernet Shiraz glasses… simply the best!

If we have company, we'll finish with a platter of delicious cheeses and patés from the French stall at the Market, with a Whiskey Sour served in our RIEDEL Bar Optical O Whisky glasses.


Ned Goodwin MW

Commentator, Presenter, Writer, Critic & Educator

No firm plans but always enjoy the creative card that my daughter makes me.

Certainly no traditions, but eating Italian food somewhere always feels about right.


Ross Lusted

Owner & Chef | Woodcut

As much as I love cooking, this is a day that I like to let someone else do the work. Living in Paddington we have often gone to Bills for breakfast, which my daughter loves because she can have her favourite pancakes. Another favourite is Yum Cha as it is closer to lunch. Wine can be a welcomed choice – Chablis is a favourite.

Father’s Day is always a celebration at Woodcut. There are lots of families enjoying spoiling their dads, I love to see all the kids with excited faces carrying bags of “secret stuff” (presents). There is a lot of shared food in the centre of the table and dad gets to choose the wine.

Growing up in South Africa I remember fishing with my dad on the beach very early in the morning and cooking fish on an open fire. It was always with uncles, aunts, friends and lots of kids. I am not sure these were all Father's Days but it is a special memory of time with my dad and what Father's Day means to me now.

I have always enjoyed the clean lines and functionality of a RIEDEL glass, from a dirty martini to an Amarone. The weight of the Nachtmann Aspen glass for a Rye whisky is also a classic favourite.


Franck Moreau MS

Group General Manager - Beverage | Merivale

Usually, it’s all about the kids and sharing a nice meal as a family — however this year, we’ll be getting up early for the Manly Fun Run.

We’re running the 5km Fun Run together as a family, and then going for coffee and breakfast at ‘Supreme’ in Brookvale — our favourite place. Usually the kids will give me presents they’ve made at school or in French class, which is very sweet.

Then later, we’ll probably go to Bert’s in Newport – it was my father-in-law's favourite place. We love the food, service, and ambiance – you always feel special at Bert’s, and I’m not just saying that because I work for Merivale.

We usually start with Champagne - Ruinart Blanc de Blancs or a small grower Champagne - in the new RIEDEL Veloce Champagne glass, followed by a nice Australian Chardonnay ‘Tappanapa Tiers’ from Adelaide Hills served in RIEDEL Vinum Oaked Chardonnay glasses. To finish, red Burgundy from the Cote de Beaune, or maybe a Pommard or Volanay from Jean-Marc Boillot, served in RIEDEL Veritas Pinot Noir glasses.

After all the eating and drinking, we’ll probably relax with a movie night at home.


Neil Perry

Owner & Chef | Margaret Double Bay

This year, the familly and I will be working at Margaret on Father’s Day.

Once service has finished, we’ll most likely sit down for a bite to eat together and a nice glass of wine. A Chablis for Sam (wife) and Josephine (eldest daughter) and a nice glass of Red Burgundy for me. My youngest Indy is starting to get into wine as well but we’re yet to convert my middle daughter Macy. 


Nick Ryan

Writer, Presenter & Communicator

In recent years, Father’s Day has involved great charcuterie in the French tradition, a really nice bottle I let the kids help me choose from the cellar, and a bit more exertion than I’m used to.

We buy up big from Les Deux Coqs in Adelaide Central Market - the best Pate en Croute and Jambon Persille this side of Beaune - and pack a picnic. We head to Aligator Gorge, a hidden spot of ancient beauty in the Southern Flinders Ranges, about an hour north of our Clare Valley home.

It’s a bit of a hike to get into the Gorge, so if I can only take one bottle with us, it has to be a good one. And if it’s going to be a good one, it’s going to need good glassware as well.

After an early disaster with a badly packed backpack and a couple of Burgundy stems wrapped in tea towels, I wisely invested in a RIEDEL BYO Case. The list of smart investments I’ve made isn’t an extensive one, but this case is right at the top of it.

Just because you’re in a remote Gorge, in the oldest mountain range in the world, doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your glassware.


Tyson Stelzer

Chief Editor | Halliday Australian Wine Companion

After a two year hiatus, my Champagne Tour is back at last this year.

We always go for harvest at the start of September, so this year I’ll be raising cheers to my three boys and my Dad on Father’s Day from half a world away! And of course popping a special bottle or two with them when I’m back!


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