Decanter 2022

The RIEDEL Cornetto Confettis will be even more colorful come 2022 with a new pink Confetti

RIEDEL Cornetto Confetti – recommended for red wines, white wines, rosé and champagne

International awards and patents highlight the expertise that the company has developed over the years in decanters and their functionality. Cornetto, Maximilian Riedel's first design from 2004, is a global bestseller. Its form is timeless and easy to handle. It is seen as a decanter that makes pouring easy and hassle-free.

RIEDEL's Cornetto Confetti is the glassmaker's response to the ever-increasing demand of international markets for "more color". The great success of the collection of colored Amadeo decanters presented in 2019 inspired Maximilian Riedel to create RIEDEL Cornetto Confetti. The bright colors of the decanters, which are freely shaped and handcrafted in the Kufstein glassworks, purposely take their inspiration from Pop Art, and stand for joie de vivre and pleasure! And for those have more purist preferences, the RIEDEL Cornetto decanter is also available in the original transparent version.

The form of this decanter fits perfectly in the hand and is the ideal size, whether for the fridge or on crushed ice. These are what made it an all-time favorite in the long history of RIEDEL decanters. RIEDEL Cornetto Confetti available in yellow, blue, red, and green – and from 2022 also in pink! For more information on the complete selection of all RIEDEL glassware and decanters, visit