Line introduced in 2020


machine made & wine friendly

Introducing a new series that reaches impressive new heights for the RIEDEL brand, RIEDEL Max!

This lofty collection was inspired by the graceful long-stemmed roses that grow near the RIEDEL factory in Kufstein. The long stems are a special feature of this series and represent a great achievement for the machine-based production.

Explains Maximilian Riedel, 11th generation Managing Director of the family business: “Our technicians have reached the maximum of what machine-based production is capable of. The length of the stems took them to the limits of technical feasibility. And that’s what inspired the name: RIEDEL Max. It stands for ‘maximum’.”

Each glass sits at 30cm/11.8in tall, creating aesthetic unity on the table.

RIEDEL Max is produced in high-quality crystal glass, are machine made and dishwasher safe.

RIEDEL High Performance Pinot Noir Red

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