Riedel, the 300 year-old family business credited with revolutionising glassware for the enjoyment of wine, announces its new grape-varietal specific collection, the Riedel Superleggero Series. In 1958, Claus J.Riedel created the world’s first ‘wine-friendly’ glasses with the Sommeliers Series. 10th Generation, Georg J. Riedel later developed the series by adapting each shape to harmonise with specific varieties of grape. This year, CEO Maximilian Riedel is spearheading the next step to the series with the release of Riedel Superleggero. The original Sommeliers Series are blown into a mould by glassblowers in Riedel’s factory in Tyrol. Still using this skillful technique, the Riedel Superleggero Series are now lead free and feature slimmer aesthetics and ‘super light’ design - as reflected in the name. This adapted shape is a result of changes made to the stem length, a design perfected by Maximilian. Moreover the unrivalled brilliance of these unique hand formed glasses is still retained even after cleaning in a dishwasher.

Following Riedel philosophy where ‘form follows function’, the new series are primarily ‘tools’ designed to enhance the enjoyment of fine wines. For the first time in Riedel history and to celebrate the Riedel Superleggero creation, the designation of the series can be found on the base of the glass next to the Riedel logo. The series is available in ten different sizes and includes glasses for Bordeaux Grand Cru, Burgundy Grand Cru, Loire, Moscato Coupe Cocktail, Oaked Chardonnay, Champagne Flute, Hermitage/Shiraz, Viognier/Chardonnay and Riesling/Zinfandel. As recommended by Riedel, the series also includes the modified shape and larger bowl of the ‘Champagne Wine Glass’ which allows for the enjoyment of the entire spectrum of Champagne flavours.

Drawing on 60 years of wine experience and expertise, the new Riedel Superleggero Series is designed to carry the charm of a handmade glass with added superior lightness.
Maximilian Riedel
11th generation glassmaker on his latest creation