line introduced in 2006


adding another lively dimension to wine

With an elegant pulled stem, Grape@RIEDEL highlights the specific characters of certain wine varieties. 

As well as a beautiful design feature, the pulled stems create an indent in the bottom of the bowl, reflecting the light and adding another dimension to the lively colour of wine.

Grape@RIEDEL follows past lines such as Vinum and O Wine Tumbler, translating a wine’s message to the human senses. Each grape varietal carries its unique DNA which denotes the wine’s individual fingerprint. RIEDEL glass designs are based on the exceptional characteristics of each grape variety, which in turn determines the shape, size and rim diameter of the bowl. 

Grape@RIEDEL is machine-made in lead-free crystal glass, and sold in a set of two. All RIEDEL glassware is dishwasher safe.