The New RIEDEL Portfolio

For 2021

This year, we are proud to mark a momentous occasion: 265 years as a family-owned glassware business. To celebrate, we've released a collection of beautifully packaged Anniversary Sets that make the ideal gift for friends, family, or even yourself!

Browse these new products - plus the incredibly special new Dom Pérignon Glass and more - below!

Dom Perignon Champagne glass


Dom Pérignon is indivisible, expressing itself through the years with Dom Pérignon Vintage, through time with Plénitude 2 and colors with Dom Pérignon Rosé.

This is why RIEDEL has succeeded in crafting one, single, custom-made glass which allows these three dimensions of Dom Pérignon to fully express themselves.

RIEDEL Stemless Wings

SL RIEDEL Stemless Wings

Perfectly Cradled Thanks To Its Unique Curvature

Following the release of our incredibly popular collection RIEDEL Winewings in 2020, meet the latest incarnation - SL RIEDEL Stemless Wings.

This stemless creation is the perfect complement to the original stemmed series, featuring three stemless wine tumblers crafted by Georg Riedel: Riesling, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

These three shapes have been redesigned to ensure they sit comfortably within the drinker's hand.

Sommeliers 265 Years Anniversary Set

Celebrating 265 Years of RIEDEL

1756 - 2021

Our anniversary sets feature some of our most popular products in festive new packaging.

Have someone you’d like to celebrate this year? The RIEDEL 265 Anniversary Sets are the perfect gift. But hurry - sets are exclusively limited while stocks last!


Introducing three new decanters to the RIEDEL range, celebrating our anniversary, the Chinese Year of the Ox, and the optimistic hope. Scroll through to see our new offerings.

RIEDEL Altitude Matters Decanter


A homage to our home in Tyrol, Austria

The brilliantly modern Altitude Matters Decanter presents a classic RIEDEL design with a new twist to celebrate the company’s 265-year jubilee.

The Riedel family’s glassmaking tradition dates back to 1756 in Bohemia. Over the first 200 years, they experienced both miracles and success but also crises and tragedies. In 1957, the Riedels found their new home in the heart of Europe, in Kufstein, Tyrol.

On the occasion of the RIEDEL 265-year anniversary, RIEDEL presents this new decanter as a homage to its home. The inside base of the decanter is sculpted in the shape of the Kaiser mountain range in Tyrol, which gradually emerges as the wine is poured.

RIEDEL Chinese Zodiac Ox Decanter

Zodiac Ox Decanter

Gift good fortune and happiness

To celebrate the Year of the Ox in 2021, RIEDEL introduces its special edition Zodiac Ox Decanter.

This decanter is dedicated to Claus Josef and Georg Josef Riedel, the 9th and 10th generations of the long-established company, who were both born in Years of the Ox.

Presented with a red and gold stripe down one side, the Zodiac Ox Decanter allows you to bestow good fortune, good luck, and happiness on the wine lover in your life. 

RIEDEL Sakura Decanter


A symbol of optimism

Celebrate the hope of a new year with the RIEDEL Sakura Decanter and its sweetly symbolic message of optimism!

Designed during a turbulent 2020, Sakura has a floral motif pressed into its central plate: an abstract representation of Japan's national flower, the cherry blossom (Jap. 桜 sakura). Admired for its beauty around the world, it symbolises renewal and the transient nature of life.

Maximilian Riedel designed this decanter reminiscing on his many trips to Japan. “The cherry blossom season is one of the most breathtaking natural spectacles I’ve ever seen,” he says. “This decanter is a homage to its unparalleled beauty and also to Japanese culture, which is closely entwined with the sakura philosophy.”


Find out what is being added to our existing collections. These series extensions celebrate classic RIEDEL designs with new interpretations!




The RIEDEL Laudon glasses bring vibrancy and luxury to your home.

Beautifully cut from the finest crystal, the glasses celebrate the revival of classic design while remaining modern with a pop of colour.

In 2021, we introduce three new hues: Amber, Turquoise, and Violet.

RIEDEL Ayam Colored Decanters

Ayam Decanters

In Three New Colours

The new RIEDEL Ayam Decanters celebrate the Art of Decanting: coloured crystal, artfully formed by hand for optimum functionality.

Available in either Grigio (grey), Rosa (pink), or Menta (green), the playful shape of this decanter is accentuated by the addition of colour.

As a RIEDEL hallmark, the new Ayam Decanters marry aesthetic with high functionality, as they are perfectly sized for both 750ml or 1500ml of wine.

Swan Mini Decanter

Swan Mini Decanter

Re-Inventing a Classic

In 2021 RIEDEL introduces another addition to their series of mini decanters, the Swan Mini.

First designed in 2008, Swan's striking elongated curves make it an incredible statement piece, with the grace of a beautiful bird. The new iteration of this decanter is just as elegant but easier to store at 480mm tall. 

This decanter is designed to hold a half or demi bottle of wine.

RIEDEL Spritz Drinks Set

Spritz Drinks Set

Another Great Set for Aperitif hour

The Spritz Drinks Set is the perfect go-to for aperitivo hour.

Undecorated with an elegant stem, this stylish product is ideal for everything from aperol to lillet.

Each box set includes four recipes for spritz cocktails for long summer lunches or warm spring afternoons.