Line introduced in 2017

RIEDEL Fatto A Mano


“Fatto a Mano”, meaning hand-made in Italian, bears the typical attributes of a RIEDEL product: varietal specific, thin blown, unadorned, and standing tall on slender stems.

So, what‘s NEW about "Fatto a Mano"?

The answer is how it is assembled, which differs from RIEDEL's current glass making process. "Fatto a Mano" combines the sophistication of handmade glass in the style of the ancient Venetian tradition with the very latest 21st century glass making technology, using fully automated machine-blown techniques. The execution of this new process was made possible by the significant quality improvements in the RIEDEL glass factory in Weiden, Bavaria. The ancient, colourful Venetian glass making tradition inspired and ignited the thought process and lead the way towards the required design, where the stem and base would be made by hand and the bowl blown by machine.

Together, with RIEDEL's very talented Tyrolean glass makers, RIEDEL tried, tested and experimented until they had perfectly mastered the Venetian puzzle. They discovered how to build the multi-coloured stems by hand and how to fuse, in the hot stage, the bowl to the coloured stem. With its hand-made stem and base, "Fatto a Mano" combines the crafts of the past with today's technologically-advanced, machine blown techniques. The finished product charms the eye with its hand-crafted feel, colourful aesthetics and varietal specific bowls.

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The Legacy of Georg Josef Riedel
Our technicians convinced me that their fully automatically blown bowls are as high in quality as the finest mouth-blown glasses, when considering even distribution of glass, thickness and lightness of weight.
Georg Riedel about RIEDEL Fatto a Mano