RIEDEL Winewings

A Striking New Collection by Georg Riedel

Georg Riedel, in his long career, has shaped many functional glasses, all specifically designed to enhance the enjoyment of the liquid for which it is created. Georg, as the creator of varietal specific wine glasses, strongly believes that a finely tuned glass shape enhances the perception of all aromatic beverages.

In the Summer of 2018, Georg was asked by a customer to create ”the ultimate glass” for Cabernet Sauvignon, a project which was to provide the inspiration behind RIEDEL Winewings.

Slowly, a new shape emerged: A flat-bottomed glass, wide and reminiscent of the wing of an aircraft, complete with winglets. Over the course of a year, through many tastings and by making changes to shape, size and rim diameter, what began as one glass for one grape varietal developed into seven different glasses to represent the most popular grape varietals.

RIEDEL Winewings was born and was about to take flight!






To explain the concept of Riedel Winewings: We chose a flat and stretched bottom, with a wing-like shape to increase the surface area between wine and air, which increases the levels of evaporation and develops a greater intensity of aroma. When positioning one’s head to the glass, the nose is closer and is exposed to the wider surface of the wine. However, this alone would not fully deliver the optimal aroma of each grape variety and so, to capture the delicate layered aromas, it was necessary to curve the glass walls and to correctly calibrate the opening of each glass with its ideal rim diameter.

The RIEDEL Winewings Collection


Quality wine glasses feature a
laser-cut polished rim to direct
the flow of wine onto the tongue.


The top third of the RIEDEL Winewings
bowl is based on our traditional
egg-shaped form, tested and
proven through wine workshops
the world over.


Creates a balance between the
bowl and the rim diameter, in
order to optimise the wine’s
flavours and aromas.


Maximises surface area for
better wine aeration and
intensifies the wine aromas.


Smooth, elongated stem which
perfectly connects the base and
bowl with the seamless look of a
handmade product.


RIEDEL glasses have been proven
dishwasher safe for up to 1500


The base of each RIEDEL Winewings
glass includes which grape variety
the glass is designed for, as well
as the RIEDEL logo.

The science behind Varietal Glasses

One Glass Doesn't Fit All

Consider the glass as the key to unlock the emotions captured in every bottle of wine. ”Or perhaps, more technically, view the glass as a tool which helps you to enjoy and appreciate your precious wine,” says Georg Riedel.

Grape Specific Glasses are complex. However, that complexity also rewards when tasting and enjoying wine. Sceptics are encouraged to try their favorite wine from the correct Grape Varietal Specific glass and from a generic wine glass. According to Riedel, “the satisfaction derived from the specific glass will certainly make you believe you drink the better wine..”

RIEDEL Winewings white wine glasses 1234/33 + 1234/15 + 1234/97

White Wine Glasses

“Let’s start with Riedel Winewings glasses for white wine, and I’ll aim to explain why we need three” comments Georg. “Here, we are dealing with the three classic and most significant white varietals and each features different flavors and even a different mouthfeel, which we believe requires a different glass shape for each in order to truly appreciate their unique characteristics".

  • Chardonnay – classic aromas of fresh yellow fruits and rich, buttery flavors when aged in oak barrels having undergone malolactic fermentation.
  • Riesling – powerful floral aromas, crisp with acidity and a touch of sweetness (no new oak, no malolactic fermentation).
  • Sauvignon Blanc – herbaceous notes, aromas of citrus, high acidity and minerality.
RIEDEL Winewings red wine glasses 1234/0 + 1234/07 + 1234/41

Red Wine Glasses

At RIEDEL, red wine glass design is based on the grape varietal and its attributes and, based on the impact the skin makes on the wine, all red wines’ intensity can be categorized as either mild, medium or powerful. To enhance the enjoyment of those profiles, we suggest three different glass shapes:

To enhance the enjoyment of those profiles, we suggest three different glass shapes:

  • Mild: Pinot Noir – fruit forward, light to medium bodied, high perceived acidity and low tannins.
  • Medium: Syrah – earthy, toasty elements and smooth tannins
  • Powerful: Cabernet Sauvignon – Aromas of blackcurrant, full bodied and with high levels of tannin.

Red wine glasses from RIEDEL must harness the intense flavors and aim to harmonize them, while balancing these flavors with other, more powerful elements, in order to demonstrate each wine’s complexity first and foremost.

RIEDEL Winewings champagne wine glass 1234/28

Champagne & Sparkling Glass

The Champagne glass in the Riedel Winewings collection is a true loudspeaker for this prestigious wine, which is made from Pinot Noir and/or Chardonnay grapes.

With Champagne a second fermentation is triggered in the bottle by adding a fine, measured quantity of yeast and sugar to the still wine. Over time and under pressure, fine bubbles are created by this process.

The glass elevates the delicate aromas of sweet, toasted bread and enables a sensual mouthfeel, with the tiny bubbles expressing a lively, yet creamy texture of the palate. The rich taste is enhanced by low levels of residual sugar, allowing a long lasting and delicious expression.

A man pours wine for two women in RIEDEL glasses



The RIEDEL Winewings decanter is a colourful and elegant recreation of RIEDEL's Swan decanter. First designed in 2008, Swan's striking elongated curves make it an incredible statement piece, with the grace of a beautiful bird. Wine is gently decanted through the large opening then poured from its exquisite neck - long enough to reach any guest at the dinner table!

The new iteration of this decanter, at the same soaring height but a slimmer design, now also includes an indented handle for easier pouring. This piece features a lavender purple stripe through the design, achieved by introducing a rod of purple crystal into the molten glass before the decanter has been formed. 

Riedel Winewings is a glass collection which is perhaps not the most aesthetically beautiful but is striking in its design and is inherently functional, helping wines’ aromas and flavors take flight.